Goals, Principles, & Responsibilities

Published on: 17-10-2010

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GAIAE responsibilities:

● Offer religious guidance in the UAE to instill the principle of moderation in Islam.

● Spread Islamic culture and enhance religious awareness.

● Manage and supervise mosques.

● Provide Ifta'(Islamic ruling).

● Organize Hajj and Umrah affairs.

● Hold conferences, seminars, festivities, and religious contests.

● Print and give out copies of the Holy Quran.

● Supervise Quran memorization and religious centers.

● Review religious publications and DVDS.

● Train imams and preachers.

● Grant work permits to imams and preachers.

● Grant work permits to religious centers and Hajj and Umrah groups.

● Supervise and invest awqaf (religious endowments) assigned to GAIAE.

● Promote the tradition of waqf  for the cause of Allah and the benefit of society.



● Create a religiously aware society able to comprehend and deal with new and contemporary challenges.

● Improve mosques and enhance the skills  of its staff.

● Facilitate Hajj and Umrah affairs.

● Revive, preserve, and develop the tradition of waqf.

● Enhance GAIAE performance to reach world class performance.

● Establish a distinguished system of policies and legislations to regulate the performance of all organizations in charge of Islamic affairs.

● Establish strategic partnerships that benefit the implementation of GAIAE mission.



Sincerity and dedication for the sake of Allah - Exalted be He - and to excel in performing our duties.

- Belonging to the Nation
- Loyalty to the Ruler
- Result-oriented management
- Be the First
- Innovation
- Financial returns and investments
- Continuous learning


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