E-fatawa on GAIAE website

Published on: 02-11-2011

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The center receives Islamic ruling inquiries via GAIAE website. Click on Al-Murshed Al-Amin (The Reliable Guide)


Ifta' Official Center


E-fatawa on GAIAE website

Service Status


Type of Service

Action needed

Target audience

All members of the community

Service Accessibility

1.     Accessing Awqaf website or smart application.

2.     Click on Our Services menu (service card).

3.     Choosing Fatwa services.

4.     Choosing Online Fatwa .

5.     Through the service card, the user can browse information on this service and use it by clicking on the link (go to service).

The service is also accessible by visiting the links available n the main page of Awqaf website and application.

Awqaf website

1.     Accessing the website.

2.     Clicking on e-Services n the main page.

3.     Choosing Al Murshid Al Amin service.

4.     Entering the question.

5.     Providing the required personal information.

6.     Sending the request.

 Processing time

Between 1 to 5 days

Office Hours


For Inquiries

Phone 8002422
Fax 0097126212025
Email Fatwa@awqaf.gov.ae
P.O.Box -

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Discussion forums

 To enquire about the GAIAE's services, Public Opinion on GAIAE and GAIAE e- Services

Required Documents


Terms and Conditions




Service Location

GAIAE main office in Abu Dhabi

Number of users

From 2008 to31/10/ 2016 = 62544  users


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